Strange News on my Computer

Claude Levi-Straus_tThe local elections are odd enough. But “Claude Levi-Strauss” is the 4th most popular search on Yahoo? Right between “Dancing With The Stars” and “H1N1 Symptoms”. So I can only conclude that America, while gearing up for a possible deciding game of the Baseball World Series on Wednesday, is watching celebrities dance, while reading “The Raw and the Cooked” while overreacting to their spouse’s cough.

By the way, my home of  Staten Island has elected its first non-white person to local political office tonight. So you can expect some meat heads to beat up random black folks, as they did exactly one  year ago tonight.  There may be a “post racial America”, but I ain’t seen it yet.

As an aside, the rich white guy won in NY and the rich white right-wing fat guy won in NJ.  So I guess we have to go to work tomorrow.

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