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Hurricane Sandy on Staten Island

Front Street, Stapleton

My photos from New Brighton, Tompkinsville, St. George, Clifton, Stapleton on the morning after Sandy. The South Shore of Staten Island — far from me — had extensive housing in the storm surge zone, and reports from there are describing devastation and death on a much greater scale than here.

Nice to CC

Image by Tomathon via Flickr In reading about the worrying and hopefully shortlived chaos attending the results of the Cote d’Ivoire elections, I was pleasantly surprised to see a photo of mine used for Radio France International’s article on Ivorian…

The Art of M. S. Corley

Designer M. S. Corley is redesigning the modern reading of children/adults in a more modernist vein. Not a fan of Harry Potter, but I would almost buy it if it looked like this. I also admire the gall of Corely.…