Hurricane Sandy on Staten Island

Front Street, Stapleton

My photos from New Brighton, Tompkinsville, St. George, Clifton, Stapleton on the morning after Sandy. The South Shore of Staten Island — far from me — had extensive housing in the storm surge zone, and reports from there are describing devastation and death on a much greater scale than here.

Open Letter to the BBC

Image via Wikipedia To the editors of the BBC, Your appalling “Muslim Brotherhood expands westward” by Magdi Abdelhadi  seems entirely based on two writers who have no academic qualifications or credibility and one of whom has a long history of…

Liberian pols to convene town hall meeting in Staten Island (NYC)

“STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — A delegation of Liberian cabinet members will convene a town hall meeting on strategies for reducing poverty in the West African nation whose infrastructure remains decimated by war.

The forum is Saturday at 3 p.m. in Christ Assembly Lutheran Church, Stapleton.

The speakers include Liberia’s Minister of Planning and Economic Affairs Amara Konneh; Augustine Ngafuan, minister of finance; Brownie Sumakai, minister of defense; Kofi Woods, minister of public works, and Dr. William Allen, director general of civil service. “