On Western analysts and the Mali Conflict, April 2012

An excerpt from a letter written in 2012. “Two histories are now being written, each a litany of crimes and humiliations suffered, neither accepted as even having occurred by the other. …if privileged western analysts — however innocently — repeat propaganda of one side as ‘the background’ to this conflict, they help determine the outcome.”

Update on Jay Lehr: His price is pretty low.

Jay Lehr, Television Expert

You may remember Jay Lehr from an earlier comment on his use by CNN and other reputable news organization as a nuclear safety expert. Now a leak from within The Heartland Institute — the craven industry backed advertising agency for which Lehr is “Science Director” — has revealed all sorts of nasty details.

Finding Bin Laden and Failing.

Osama Bin Laden's house. The Pakistan Army's Dairy Farm is about 200 meters to the left, married soldiers housing for the Pakistan Military Academy in 400 meters away to the right, and a 24 hour army check point in 150 meters behind the photographer on the main road.

While the reliable press are reporting the location of Osama Bin Laden’s mansion in Abbottabad, they are so far way off. Not even close, in fact. Here are two examinations that are much more careful. Honestly, it’s people like this…