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African Commemorative Cloth: A Series

Welcome to my collection of commemorative African printed textiles. I love them not just because of their colors or designs, or because of the history they bring to life, but also because they represent a true multicultural tradition, by which African communities mixed, chose, and formed objects drawing on Asian and European traditions, creating something unique, practical, and beautiful.

Hurricane Sandy on Staten Island

Front Street, Stapleton

My photos from New Brighton, Tompkinsville, St. George, Clifton, Stapleton on the morning after Sandy. The South Shore of Staten Island — far from me — had extensive housing in the storm surge zone, and reports from there are describing devastation and death on a much greater scale than here.

Update on Jay Lehr: His price is pretty low.

Jay Lehr, Television Expert

You may remember Jay Lehr from an earlier comment on his use by CNN and other reputable news organization as a nuclear safety expert. Now a leak from within The Heartland Institute — the craven industry backed advertising agency for which Lehr is “Science Director” — has revealed all sorts of nasty details.