Guinea: Dec. 8th March in NYC

Guinean's and supporters march in the streets of Manhattan following the September 28th killings.

Guinean's and supporters march in the streets of Manhattan following the September 28th killings.

Join the second march on the UN by Guineans and their allies in New York City, Thursday December 8th.  If you can’t make it, there are ways to get involved, including organizing solidarity events and extensive letter writing campaigns, so please do!

Kadiatou Diallo (Amadou Diallo‘s mother) and Norm Siegal of the NYCLU are lending their voices to this, in support of “Alliance Guinea” in America. Their Advocacy page asks: “Are you an elected leader or political activist? Join our advocacy action group. Email allianceguinea(at) to get involved in any of these sub-committees.”   There is also a full list of ways you can help at .

The US based rights group Alliance Guinea is organizing a march and protest demanding the military junta in Conakry, murderers of thousands of innocents and, be brought to justice.  Only last week it was reported that the Guinean military was employing South African and Israeli mercenaries, hired by a firm run by a US former West Point graduate and Morgan Stanley executive, to train ethnic militias.  The use of such divisions, long overcome in by most Guineans, could plunge the nation into a civil war like Yugoslavia  experienced in the 1990s, and create suffering across West Africa.  Demand the UN make sure the regime in Conakry knows they have no future in government, and their only hope is to hand over power to a civilian transitional authority immediately.

If you can’t make the Tuesday lunchtime march:

  • Write a letter to your government and press demanding action, and
  • Come to the “Musique contre la Violence” unity night in Harlem on December 9 at 8PM at Shrine in Harlem

Full release follows:

Pro-democracy march in NYC on Dec. 8

From: Alliance Guinea

This is far from over – the latest news out of Guinea is a proposed deal that would have the CNDD junta heading a “national transition council” for up to 10 months and open the door for Dadis to stand in elections. At the same time, the UN is beginning the work of the international commission of inquiry into the crimes of September 28, but it’s clear that more international pressure against the military and support for the population is needed.

Here in New York Alliance Guinea has joined forces with the Guinean Forces Vives in the US and our friends Kadiatou Diallo and Norman Siegel of the Amadou Diallo Foundation to form the “September 28 Coalition for Justice and Democracy in Guinea.”

Together we are organizing a march and rally on Tuesday, December 8 from 11am – 3pm to demand justice for the crimes committed and support for a speedy and democratic transition to civilian rule in Guinea. At 11am we will gather in front of the Guinean consulate at 140 E. 39th St., marching then to 47th Street and rallying by noon at Dag Hammarskjold Park in front of the United Nations.
see Stay tuned for a list of expected speakers.

If you live far from New York and cannot join us in person, here are two things you can still do:

  1. Make a donation – help us offset the cost of the rally (permits, transport, stage & sound system costs, etc.) through our new online giving button at  Check it out and pass the word – every gift counts!
  2. Write a letter (again!) to your local newspaper or Congressperson/Member of Parliament and tell them about the march and how the latest news out of Guinea confirms the critical need for international pressure and support is critical to getting justice and preventing what could spiral into civil war. For sample letters and other tips, see
  3. And if you are in the New York area and can’t make it during lunch hour on Tuesday, don’t miss for what is going to be an amazing “Musique contre la Violence” unity night in Harlem on December 9 at 8pm at Shrine in Harlem with some of the greatest masters of Guinean music living in America and guest speakers from the September 28 Coalition. (2271 Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard, New York, NY 10030)

The situation in Guinea is just as dire as ever, and justice must be served and the military must go.

Need More details? see:

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