Crikey! British fascists membership list leaked

The neo-fascist British National Party was thrown into panic in the last 24 hours as someone posted their entire membership database to a blogspot account. The detailed members list includes personal details, jobs, contact numbers, emails, even hobbies! Speculation is that splitters within the group posted the list, but no one knows for certain. This is especially bad news for British public employees, as many are legally barred from membership in what is an avowedly racist organization. The list of ten thousand names includes teachers, doctors, company directors cops, and a BBC radio DJ. A quick count reveals 33 members with US addresses, seven of which are in New York (five in NYC).

The original post to was dumped by the webhost, but not before it was mirrored across the web.

Laughs are to be had by the barrelful at “nationalist” websites and blogs, as members panic at the prospect of being outed as nazis!

Check out Lancaster Unity (UK) antifascists blog for news updates:

* Lancaster Unity Blog

and the mainstream media at:


and read the comments at the nazi:


The list is currently mirrored at:



? UPDATE: Vice Magazine has a hilarious “Best of list”, with notes such as “Has two suits of medieval 14th & 15th century armour and can joust for rallies.”

?Rumours abound about Premiership footballers (Scots and/or English) being on the list, but I’ve not managed to match up the Rangers teamsheet to any names. Working….

? What to get up to speed on the internal drama of the BNP? is a good place to start. For the doings of the North American nazi idiots, is the best source of news.