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Looking For Cocaine Terrorists: The 2009 US Drugs Sting in Mali.

This story originally appeared in Maghreb Politics Review on December 21, 2009, as “US Arrests Malians in Terror Drugs ‘Link'”. The claim that Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, and the FARC are part of a worldwide drugs for terror conspiracy remains active in American press and government, and remains a fantasy that meets the internal needs of the US, while ignoring real issues, like those that precipitated the unexpected collapse of the Malian state in 2012.

Finding Bin Laden and Failing.

Osama Bin Laden's house. The Pakistan Army's Dairy Farm is about 200 meters to the left, married soldiers housing for the Pakistan Military Academy in 400 meters away to the right, and a 24 hour army check point in 150 meters behind the photographer on the main road.

While the reliable press are reporting the location of Osama Bin Laden’s mansion in Abbottabad, they are so far way off. Not even close, in fact. Here are two examinations that are much more careful. Honestly, it’s people like this…

The Tegucigalpa–Niamey Difference

This was the weekend for Coups: was the death of Michael Jackson assumed to distract us all?  Regardless, a couple of Nigeriens have pointed out the uncanny similarities between the situation of President of Honduras Manuel Zelaya and President of…