Israel is over

Regardless of what you may think of me, my opinions, or the people I speak of below, Israel is destroying itself. Based on a proposition so tenuous that it must be built with care and compassion from below, the dream…

Gaza: death for land

Adding to the “everything the press tells you is a lie” file, here a a couple of articles of the (literally) criminal attacks on civilians in Gaza. First, despite the byline, this article on the “siege on Gaza” was written…

SNCF Arrests (update 4)

The latest news on the Tarnac arestees. Four of the nine are released under the equivilent of bail, but still face possible charges. They were held four four days of interogations, though the police still don’t seem to have any direct evidence against any of them. Five (which the predictably frantic Le Figaro calls “The Hard Core” of situationalist students) remain in jail awaiting trial.