NYC: Tuesday Protest (/) Vote!

I know all the debates about voting not changing anything, and while I tend to agree, I’m not asking you to overthrow capitalism with a vote. It won’t do that. But it is a splendid soapbox…. So Vote Reverend Billy for NYC Mayor, Greg Pason for NJ Governor, and Debbie Rose for City Council.

The Tegucigalpa–Niamey Difference

This was the weekend for Coups: was the death of Michael Jackson assumed to distract us all?  Regardless, a couple of Nigeriens have pointed out the uncanny similarities between the situation of President of Honduras Manuel Zelaya and President of…

Iran updates

Pictures coming out via Twitter and phones are being collected a number of places, including here. A statement by the Worker-communist Party of Iran (WPI): “Long live revolution against the Islamic Republic of Iran!” Member and blogger Saeed Valadbaygi’s Revolutionary…