AFRICOM Using State National Guard Units to Partner with Individual African Countries

(Via GUINEA OYE!) Africom commander Kip Ward announced US National Guard units (once designed to defend the US from invasion, build infrastructure, and provide disaster aid in their states) are being “paired up” with African nations, in some kind of bizarre military “Adopt a child” program.

As is now usual, a set of real, exaggerated, and imagined African problems are trotted out to convince both sides Africans need to let the US military bases there. Now that there’s oil.
Says “Kip”: “Current National Guard pairings in Africa are: California with Nigeria; Michigan with Liberia; New York with South Africa; North Carolina with Botswana; North Dakota with Ghana; Utah with Morocco; Vermont with Senegal; and Wyoming with Tunisia.” “Conflict, violent extremism, narcotics trafficking, piracy, disease and economic development are among issues Africom tackles on the continent.” “Enhancing the capacity of African forces … allows the United States to use its forces for other operations…”

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